Amy Willans Interview

Amy Willans is an award-winning mental health advocate, Peer Support Worker, and author who lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. She is co-creator of Fighting Normal, a multi-discipline art installation that explores the stigma surrounding mental illness; and a public speaker who uses her personal story of living with schizoaffective disorder to affect positive social change.

Ian Hargraves Interview

Ian Hargraves PhD is a designer, shared decision making researcher, and assistant professor of medicine with the Mayo Clinic Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit in Rochester Minnesota. Originally from New Zealand where he trained as an industrial designer at Victoria University Wellington, Ian holds a Masters and Ph.D. in design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. At the Mayo Clinic, Ian leads the human-centered design of shared decision making interventions developed to support the conversations in which patients and clinicians think, talk, and feel through medical decisions together.

Marion Mass Interview

Marion Mass attended Penn State University and Duke Medical School. She did her training in pediatrics at Northwestern University’s Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital. Within hospitals, she has worked in ER, nursery, delivery room, outpatient practice and urgent care settings. She twice ran non-partisan symposiums on medical care at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC;  most recently she participated in the Free 2 Care Conference on April 1, 2019. Mass was the recipient of the 2018 R William Alexander Award, an award of recognition by her Pennsylvania peers as contributing heavily to political advocacy in health care. Mass is also a PA Medical Society delegate. In 2017, she founded Practicing Physicians of America with Dr. Westby Fisher. She and her husband Dr. Stephen C. Mass, an otolaryngologist, have practiced in Bucks County for over 20 years.

Marc Succi Interview

A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Marc previously conducted research in medical devices at MIT and is currently a physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He created 2 Minute Medicine during his medical training years as a way to keep current with high-impact medical literature while researching in a lab away from the hospital. 

Jake Poore Interview

Jake Poore is President and Chief Experience Officer of Integrated Loyalty Systems, a company whose mission is to elevate the human side of healthcare.