Two Minute Question Series.

Symbols may alienate patients


Photo by Mike from Pexels


Two Minute Question Series.

If you are not at your best the patient may notice.

I was, I am

A video from our partners at Unfixed

This month we explored our pre- and post-diagnosis selves. The parts we lost, the parts that have been reshaped, and the parts that never would’ve been born had we not encountered the everyday challenges of living with chronic conditions. We heard resounding themes of, "I used to be more social" or "I used to be more spontaneous," "I had bigger plans for my life," and in the same breath "I am now more present, more empathic, and more aware of my inherent self-worth." It is remarkable to witness in our 20 incredible Unfixed subjects how chronic conditions chisel away at their identities while simultaneously deepening and strengthening their characters.

Be inspired by Chris Bright

From our partners the Diabetes Football Community

As part of #DiabetesWeek​ 2019 Chris teamed up with the guys at DigiBete on this interview around his journey with TDFC & his sport. Hopefully a really insightful and useful video about mindset for the condition when tackling sport. Let's see Diabetes differently!! Head over to the below link, for other great resources on sport for people with Type 1 Diabetes from DigiBete:

Two Minute Question Series.

Waiting rooms are a normal feature of doctors' clinics

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