Health Advocate with a passion for inspiring people to put their health in their own hands
Founder of Physician-Parent Caregivers
Vice President and Patient Safety Officer with MCIC Vermont
Family doctor now trauma specialist, blogger, researcher & patient.
Professor of Linguistics and education and student
Founder MIB agents
Co-founder and Board Chair of SCAD Alliance.
Author of Addiction Nation: What the Opioid Crisis Reveals About Us.
Award-winning patient expert and health advocate.
Founder of The Diabetes Football Community (TDFC)
Chief Advocacy Officer of the Society for Participatory Medicine
Patient advocate and research evangelist
Interventional cardiologist and medical director of clinical research for regional cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic
Founder of Stress Resources
Founder of Unfixed Media Productions
Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of SCAD Alliance, United States.

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