John Fox Interview

Professor John Fox is a cognitive scientist interested in human and artificial intelligence. Based at Oxford University, Prof Fox works on reasoning, decision-making and planning, and on sound, scientifically grounded design of technologies to carry out these tasks in complex domains.

Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal Interview

Dr Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal is a family physician based in Melbourne, Australia,  and medical adviser in healthcare technology. His interest lies in the leadership task of opening up mindsets and encouraging innovation. @medtechdoc 

Austin Chiang Interview

Austin Chiang is an assistant professor of medicine at Jefferson Health (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals) in Philadelphia, PA, and serves as its chief medical social media officer. Dr. Chiang is also director of Jefferson Health's Endoscopic Weight Loss Program and is one of the most influential voices online in the field of gastroenterology. He champions physicians' presence on social media and is founding president of the Association for Healthcare Social Media (AHSM), the first 501(c)(3) professional society for health professional social media use.

Glenn Llopis Interview

Glenn Llopis (pronounced ‘yō-pēs) is the chairman of GLLG, a workforce development and business strategy consulting firm. He is the bestselling author of The Innovation Mentality and Earning Serendipity; his forthcoming book, Leadership in the Age of Personalization, will be published in August 2019. Glenn is a senior advisor and speaker to Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in the healthcare, retail and consumer packaged goods sectors. He is also a contributing writer to Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine and Huffington Post.


Sam Mazin Interview

Sam Mazin is co-founder and chief technology officer of RefleXion Medical and inventor of the company's core technology. While a postdoc in radiology at Stanford University, Sam was selected by the Kauffman Foundation as one of 13 postdocs in the nation to commercialize promising innovations. His prior research at Stanford was focused on the design of a novel X-ray computed tomography (CT) system, resulting in several journal papers and a patent, as well as the Joel Drillings Award from the American Heart Association.