Two Minute Question Series

How do you talk about treatment?

Q4. How do doctors and patients approach the question of treatment? What makes for a good experience?

Two Minute Question Series

How do you prepare for a doctor/patient visit?

Dr. Moyez Jiwa asks how doctors and patients prepare for a meeting. All respondents have been featured in our podcasts. You can hear their conversation here:



Two Minute Question Series

Q2. Why is the clinical examination a vital part of the experience when consulting a doctor?

In the second question in our two-minute question series Dr. Moyez Jiwa, host of the Health Design podcast asks if the clinical examination is a crucial part of the experience when visiting a doctor.

The respondents have all been featured in our podcasts. You an hear the longer conversations here:

Two Minute Question Series.

Q1:Does your doctor know enough about you?

In this video Moyez Jiwa, host of the Health Design Podcast asks our guests whether doctors and patients can effectively share information about the context of the patient's illness given the short duration of the consultation. The respondents are; Dr. Eric Last (EL), Family Physician; Lesley Kailani Glenn (LKG) who lives with metastatic cancer Carly Flumer (CF) who lives with thyroid cancer; Dr. David Rakel (DK) Family Physicia and Rick Davis (RD) Patient advocate. Their original podcast interviews are available here:

• EL:

• LKG:

• CF:

• DR:

• RD:

Sounds of caring

Features the voices of frontline healthcare workers sharing how they are feeling during the pandemic.

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