"Don't Forget Your Joy"
Dean’s Professor of Humanities and Professor of History at the University of Kansas (USA).
Co-founder and President Help Me Health TM Transforms how healthcare thinks about and delivers patient experiences to achieve better outcomes and a bottom line.
Author of “Memory Lessons—A Doctor’s Story“
Sakib is a design researcher with expertise in persuasive design and business innovation strategies.
National Director of the HAMES SHARLEY Health Portfolio, Australia
Serial social entrepreneur
MD, journalist and filmmaker
Co-founder and President, Medidata Solutions
“Dochitect” who combines medicine and architecture
Author of 'The Waiting Room Cure', host of the Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast
The impact of financial planning on health professionals
CEO, Pinnacle Ventures Limited
Founder: The NeuroTech Institute
Author of 'Compassionomics'
MD, Author of 'Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity'

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