Geri Lynn Baumblatt

Patient Advocate

Geri is a patient, family caregiver, and clinician advocate. She works to improve care communication through asynchronous technology, health literacy, and co-design. She currently works with Docola - a social good organization that's created a free care communication platform to help hospitals, clinics and care providers find and e-prescribe education and resources to patients and care partners. She’s building a patient education content clearinghouse. Contact her if you’d like to contribute resources to this community platform. At the end of January, Docola is hosting a free screening of the new 24-minute documentary short on family caregiver burden by Oscar/Emmy-nominated filmmaker Dr Jssica Zitter: Caregiver: A Love Story

She also co-founded the Difference Collaborative and the Difference Collaborative Alliance to help employers ensure working family caregivers can maintain their health, employment, wellbeing, and sanity — and to create a culture of care tol improve the future of work for everyone. They're currently partnering with researchers at the Johns Hopkins and Purdue schools of nursing to understand how organizations can support nurses who are also family caregivers. Nurse managers, nurse leaders and healthcare org HR directors can participate in the study here.

Se writes a column on health communication and patient engagement on Healthcare IT Today.

She’s also active in the Patient Experience Policy Forum, Patient Advocates Transforming Healthcare, and is a lifetime member of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: 

Follow her on Twitter at: @GeriLynn @DiffCollab @docolainc

Geri Lynn has also just hosted an event with a physician/filmmaker on her short film: Caregiver a Love Story. Here is the trailer: 

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