Amit Goyal

Cardiology Fellow

Amit Goyal is a cardiology fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. He is co-founder and host of the CardioNerds Podcast and co-host of the Talking Tall Rounds Podcast. He completed his medical school at the University of California, San Diego and went on to enjoy residency training in the Osler Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he served as the Assistant Chief of Service of the Barker Firm. As ACS he founded Osler Grand Rounds, an interactive mystery case discussion, and helped establish a novel morning report structure integrating bedside skills education. He is looking forward to a career in interventional cardiology and medical education. Outside of work, he is all about his four children: toddler son Dhruv, twin boys Aarav & Atharv, and his baby the CardioNerds platform. 


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