Grace Charrier

Patient Advocate

Grace B. Charrier is a debut Author, Speaker, Host and Content Creator of Cancer Convos with Grace B.

She is also a proud survivor and thriver of Stage 3 Breast Cancer (DCIS).

After completing her treatment in 2017, she felt a strong calling to amplify her voice and reach out to and support cancer patients, survivors, and their families by inviting healthcare professionals to share their valid insights about cancer. This she achieved by establishing a thriving and engaging community via her YouTube channel and Facebook page, also called Cancer Convos with Grace B.

Grace Charrier has her hands full as she has caught the attention of many organizations and is serving in several capacities namely:

  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network: Legislative Ambassador
  • Fight Cancer Global: Global Leadership Panel Member
  • WEGO Health: Patient Leader
  • Imerman Angels: Mentor Angel
  • Advocates for Collaborative Education: Member and Patient Advocate¬†

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