Lesley Kailani Glenn

Co-Founder of the Annual Make Good Moves

Passion, motivation and  personal experience of living with metastatic breast cancer for the past 8 years, drives Lesley’s desire to partner with communities, researchers and organizations, in aiding the funding of research for a cure, bringing awareness to this overlooked stage of breast cancer and  support to those who live daily with Metastatic Breast Cancer. She has been actively involved in metastatic breast cancer advocacy since 2015, training with the inaugural Hear My Voice Volunteer class presented by Living Beyond Breast Cancer. She was invited back as a mentor in 2018 for new advocates and was awarded the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Leadership Volunteer Award in the Fall of the same year. She is  the Co-Founder of the Annual Make Good Moves, Climb for a Cure (www.climbforacure.net) that is held annually in Southern California, and Southern Oregon which funds research for a cure. She enjoys working with researchers and other stakeholders in the metastatic breast cancer field. She is a member of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, and is asked to speak on her experiences of living with metastatic disease in various capacities. She has always been an advocate, having previously run her  own non profit, Dandelion Wishes, Inc, prior to her de novo metastatic diagnosis in 2012, she brought therapeutic art to the marginalized, international and incarcerated communities. She has transferred that advocacy to her  personal life experience with cancer , and desires to extend her  advocacy roles to include the underserved and rural communities.    She is currently working on a new design, entitled Project Life, A Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivorship Initiative which will address the discontinuity  in survivorship programming that leaves out the metastatic patient.  

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