Randi Oster

Co-founder and President Help Me Health TM Transforms how healthcare thinks about and delivers patient experiences to achieve better outcomes and a bottom line.

Randi Redmond Oster is the multi-award winning author of Questioning Protocol, which helps patients navigate the healthcare system and medical professionals understand the patient perspective. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker on healthcare reform, shared decision making and patient engagement.  

Randi teamed up with leaders in organizational cultural transformation and founded Help Me Health LLC, a business focused on training the front line in healthcare to improve the patient experience. As president of Help Me Health, Randi has led the team to deliver a program recognized as a key quality initiative resulting in a 4.5 star rating from the National Committee for Quality Assurance for a major health insurance company.

She is the FDA Consumer Representative for the Pediatric Advisory Committee for drug approvals and a founding member of the Right Care Alliance, the Patient Experience Policy Forum and Patient Safety Action Network.

Randi spent approximately 20 years in GE working on complex aerospace systems and building profitable financial services businesses. She received a Black Belt in Six Sigma Quality and numerous leadership awards. The skills she gained in GE empowered her to effectively navigate the healthcare system and find opportunities for process improvements, as she advocated for her chronically ill son in the hospital.

She has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA.

Website: www.HelpMe-Health.com

Interviewed by Moyez Jiwa 

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