Vol 2, No 4 (2017)

Creativity, design and basics in health care

From the Editor

In many countries, discussions of health care focus on rising costs, declining morale amongst healthcare professionals, and less than stellar improved health outcomes. There is a movement afoot to leverage creativity and design thinking to improve the patient experience. The JHD is contributing to that movement with a "back to basics" approach.


This editorial discusses the value of patients' complaints as a guide to recognizing planning defects and ongoing problems in the functioning of clinics.


Building interiors are made first by design and then by use. Design-by-use factors such as excessive signage and visual pollution, impacts negative on user experiences. Developing "user-creatives" for hospital buildings could assist in creating a better environment for the well-being of all users. 



Clinical Case Report

The outcomes of healthcare interventions are often heavily dependent on patient behaviour. Read how the role of the healthcare professional can be likened to that of a hitchhiker, who has to be prepared to jump on board to where the driver is going in order to get closer to where they themselves wish to be.

Research Insight

Performance analysis for difficult airway equipment: Standardising for success

Francesco Luke Siena, Philip Breedon, James Armstrong, Phillipa Marsh, Paul Watts

Airway management and intubation procedures continue to challenge anaesthetists. This design insight paper discusses the design development of an innovative tip pressure and shape retention testing system. 

Book Review

Here are five recommendations of books that can help healthcare practitioners rethink how they communicate and engage with others--and ultimately alter the patient-practitioner relationship.

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