Vol 4, No 3 (2019)

The impact of 'story'


From the Editor

Learning a patient’s “story”—the background information about their lives, their jobs, their families—can lead to better engagement with them and create a better patient experience.


Could a coffee culture be ruining our health?

Moyez Jiwa, Epi Kanjo, Catherine Joy Krejany
Being overweight is now the norm. Eating between meals may be contributing to the problem. When is a snack a meal? Visualising avatars of a healthier future self and identifying the circumstances that threaten that outcome may be an effective strategy.

Design Insight

Three small design updates to the medical office—lighting, painting, and a simple furniture swap—can be done slowly, over time, and can create lasting changes patients will love.

Research Insight

The use of student narratives as research substrates

Moyez Jiwa, Catherine Krejany, Elena Angelides, Matthew Brown, Rose Clarke, Pia Courtley, Julie Dao, Haissam Faraj, Meera Ghandi, Mitchell Gordon, Yi Zhao Huang, Christian La Spina, Lauren McDermott, Nina Murphy, Marie Rattenbury, Alexander Robertson, Henry Ruehland, Williams Thomas, Suzannah Bownes, Charlotte Krones, Robert Wells, Gabriela Sousa Rocha
Supervising medical students to develop a research project can be challenging. A cohort of medical students were encouraged to focus their project ideas on a story of someone whose medical problem was of interest to them and use it to develop their research project.

Case Study

This case study features a peculiar case of WHO Category II Buruli ulcer (BU) in a 36-year-old, healthy individual on antiretroviral treatment in Sierra Leone. The case highlights the impediments to timely diagnosis and management of BU in resource-limited settings.

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