Vol 1, No 2 (2016)

Improving Patient Outcomes


The Journal of Health Design (JHD) has published its second issue. The JHD has launched a podcast series which will feature innovators in health care and health design and also introduced two new categories of papers: research insights and clinical insights.

There is a continuing risk associated with the delivery of piped nitrous oxide into hospitals. While standards and design focus are often directed at the equipment used by clinicians, attention also needs to be directed at developing safety mechanisms throughout an entire gas delivery process to prevent ongoing tragedies associated with gas-delivery errors.


Although warts is a common problem presenting in general practice, the researchers' study failed to recruit the requisite numbers. The attrition rate was difficult to interpret, however, patient expectation and the perceived pressure to acquiesce to patient demands in primary care greatly affected the recruitment potential of this trial.

Book Review

Primary care in the United States is in crisis. Patients do not have enough time with their doctors and there is shortage of primary care physicians. But the system can be fixed, says Dr Stephen Schimpff, and he proposes how to do it. 

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