Vol 8, No 1 (2023)

Small Insights, Big Impact



The tempting quick fix can make an enormous difference to our quality of life. Innovations to reverse the effects of poor lifestyle choices may do more harm than good. It has been shown repeatedly that the “quick fix” does not always end well. We adopt these solutions too soon—to our detriment.


Health care is multifaceted. This study aimed to examine situational awareness and how measures like name recognition can be a hurdle to operational safety. The results showed an inability to recall staff members’ names exists even with introductions. Perhaps there needs to be more training centred on these “non-surgical” skills.


This rapid literature review summarises evidence around best practice in managing young people who present at health services with alcohol and other drugs (AOD) issues plus at least one comorbidity or chronic health need.
Around half of all mental health disorders are evident by 14 years of age. Evidence shows that the healthcare needs of this high-risk group are largely unmet. This literature review seeks to provide insights into ways to improve access to youth mental health services and optimize health outcomes for this group.
Video summary:

Design Insight

Development of a breast-pump part sterilizer for the neonatal ICU

Kelley Yuan, Christina Stiebris, Kathryn Sommer, Morgan Hutchinson
A prototyped breast-pump part sterilising device for the NICU failed. The design team offers important advice for designers. Future designers must learn the legal hurdles and financial incentives and constraints early in the concept generation process to help advance their prototype to clinical use.
Enola is a tool to help with the diagnosis of rare diseases. Testing with the rare disease community provided two key design insights that changed the deployment strategy--namely, to deploy the tool as a web-based application that can be accessed by anyone.

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