Vol 7, No 3 (2022)

Improving the patient experience, one story and one experience at a time



Although many studies demonstrate the positive effects of the natural environment on human health, it is not always possible to use real natural environments or plants in healthcare settings. The authors designed artificial natural structures based on fractal geometry. They present a study protocol aimed to investigate the artificial natural structures' effect on different variables (stress, emotions, pulse, and blood pressure) in humans.


Emerging evidence indicates that the gut microbiota are connected to the onset and maintenance of obesity. Better understanding of how the gut microbiota regulates weight may aid in the development of more effective treatments for obesity.
Caregiving can have significant effects on caregivers' health. Primary care is an ideal place to identify caregivers through screening for caregiving status as part of patient history. This practice is a form of preventive medicine because it allows for the triaging of caregivers to appropriate supports and services.
It may seem like everywhere we look, there is something wrong or “broken” in health care. Fortunately, much can be done to improve the patient experience, one story and one experience at a time. The JHD provides a platform for patients, clinicians, patient advocates, researchers, and others to share those important messages.
Nobody wants to receive the dreaded call about a family member in the hospital. But when it happens, healthcare providers should be empathic and communicate with compassion when interacting with family members.

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