Vol 6, No 1 (2021)

Weight matters


From the Editor

Let’s talk about weight

Tammy McCausland
Many factors contribute to the growing obesity epidemic, but snacking is a huge one. Snacking needs to be addressed. Significant innovation is also needed so physicians can help patients manage their weight.


Is snacking the new smoking?

Moyez Jiwa, Catherine Krejany, Epi Kanjo
Society has normalised snacking to the detriment of our waistlines and our health. The marketing narrative that snacking is “good for you” needs to be challenged.
Snacking has become an acceptable eating pattern, but it's making us overweight or obese. And it's making us sick. It's time to change more than our food choices; we need to revisit the need to snack at all.

Doctors have a limited role in managing obesity

Moyez Jiwa, Catherine Krejany, Epi Kanjo
It's hard for physicians to discuss weight issues with patients. While the problems of overweight and obesity continue to grow, physicians feel increased pressure to curb the trend. Significant innovation is needed to deliver strategies that help patients manage their weight.


This systematic review analyzes how alcohol consumption impacts the weight of middle-aged men. Frequent, light-moderate alcohol consumption was associated with maintenance of normal weight. Although heavy drinking was linked to obesity, effect sizes were modest. Spirits, not beer or wine, were associated with weight gain.

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