Vol 5, No 2 (2020)

Treating people, not patients


From the Editor

Behind every "patient" is a person with a story. Context is important in the consultation room. Why don't more doctors ask questions to learn about people's context?

Clinical Case Report

The author shares a personal story of what happens when continuity of care (CoC) goes awry. CoC requires a coordinated and collaborative approach, but the results can be traumatic when healthcare professionals don't follow these principles.

Case Study

“Not another leaflet please”: Improving the delivery of physical activity information and interventions for people with breast cancer

Siobhan Cowan-Dickie, Catherine Sandsund, Hazel Hunter, Ruth Tigue, Natalie Harris, Sarah Adomah, Helen Mcleod, Carolyn Moore, Mary Woods, Lee Corsini, Natalie Doyle, Theresa Wiseman
An experience-based co-design (EBCD) project at a UK cancer centre identified unmet staff and patient needs and prioritized four areas for physical activity (PA) service improvement: messaging about PA from healthcare professionals; timing of messaging; individualising information; and peer discussion.


Monitoring and alleviating the effects of pressure-related injuries for spinal surgery–a need for improvement?

Nicolette Dullesco Sizer, Francesco Luke Siena, Bronek Boszczyk, Philip Breedon
Pressure injuries (PIs) are a common surgical complication. The authors identified critical design requirements and developed an appropriate product design specification for a device to monitor PIs during surgery.


Bridging the Australian medical-dental divide

Jonathon Parry, Moyez Jiwa, Catherine Krejany
Primary care providers in Australia often have patients present with dental and oral health issues. Despite lack of formal dental training and confidence, they feel obliged to provide care, especially for urgent cases.

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