Vol 4, No 2 (2019)

Healthcare Improvement Champions


From the Editor

Healthcare reform is pervasive, cyclical, and unending. For healthcare practitioners, it can feel overwhelming. We’re focused on sharing what’s being done on the front line, behind the scenes, in the day to day.


This editorial features key themes from conversations with podcast guests interviewed for The Health Design podcast series. Topics discussed included the promise of the creativity of brilliant young people given opportunities; the vital importance of the human side of health care; working with communities to solve local problems; and how the pursuit of profits has eroded health care.

Clinical Case Report

This Patient Insight outlines how the common cavernous hemangioma went undiagnosed for four years despite consults with several ophthalmologists and two exploratory surgeries. The author contends patients can contribute to their patient experience by doing research, asking questions, and getting a second, even third, opinion, if necessary.

Design Insight

When frailty goes undiagnosed, patients reach end of life without the necessary conversations about advance care planning taking place with patients and their families. This Insight highlights one project in which staff gained confidence to discuss this important topic.

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