Vol 3, No 4 (2018)

How Staff Shape The Patient Experience


From the Editor

Many innovations that might change health outcomes need to be framed within the context in which people experience ill health. What’s needed are creative, inspired approaches that stem from the insights of supporting people in distress.


Many healthcare improvement initiatives focus on improving the patient experience. More attention on improving the staff experience is needed. Improving staff experience will mean better patient care.

Clinical Insight

Patient shadowing is useful in evaluating the patient experience. Authors share insights from Improving Experience through Regular Shadowing Events (ImERSE), a patient shadowing program for medical students within a paediatric surgery daycase theatre.

Design Insight

The See it my way model is a free storytelling event for patients, carers and staff. The model allows people who are not normally heard to have a voice, while increasing staff empathy and helping them develop critical skills.