James Gagli

Pharmacist and Medical student

Ghana is a small country with a population of about 27 million. It sits on the West coast of Africa. This is where my journey began as the last and only boy of four siblings. I call it a journey because I am still in pursuit of my dreams. That is serving my immediate society and yonder the best I can.

When I completed college, I set out to the US to continue my education. College education in the United States was an eye opener for me. The culture, the environment, the food, etc were all of a shock to me. Everything was different from the environment I grew in. Steadily, I adjusted to my new environment, knowing that it will be key to my success. In the first few years of living in the United States, I noticed the vast network of healthcare facilities yet, a major under representation of minorities who happened to have numerous health issues especially in the inner cities as well as rural areas. It became even more important and apparent to me to pursue the dream of becoming a medical doctor in order to become a steward that would serve my immediate community and the general society as a whole until the day I’m literally incapable of doing. I deeply felt this was he right choice for me. Pharmacy school was very challenging. I lost my both my mother and grandmother to whom I was very close, all in the same year. It took at least two years to overcome the pain of losing the closet family members I had.

The idea of becoming a medical doctor became even stronger when I started working as a pharmacist. Whenever I ponder over the numerous clients I counseled, helped in the compliance with their medications as well recommending various immunizations to improve their overall health outcomes, I realized I have a unique set of skills to contribute to the medical field if given the opportunity. I feel that with my experience I would give invaluable contributions towards healthcare delivery. My deep understanding of standard of care and health insurance are just a few strengths that I think will guide me in the decision making process to ensure ultimate health outcomes for my patients.

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